Is it acceptable for Muslims to play sports?

Yes. Allah prohibits that which is harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual health of individuals and to overall health of society. Because many Islamic scholars believe music is forbidden, there has been some debate over the permissibility of sports among Muslims.

After all, the same idol-worship that often occurs from fans toward musicians and entertainers also happens with athletes. Some of the harmful behaviors glorified in music are also glorified (and practiced) in the sports world. And in the same way that becoming wrapped up in music is distracting to what should be one’s purpose of submitting to the will of Allah, many sports fans become so obsessive that it distracts their focus and brings out the worst in them.

However, Allah wants us to have sound bodies, as well as sound minds and sound morals. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The strong (active) believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, while there is good in both.” The Prophet himself participated in swimming, archery, running and horseback riding, and was said to have encouraged parents to involve their children in these sports.

There is also a famous story in which Muhammad (pbuh) encountered Rukaana, a renowned strongman and wrestling champion in Mecca. After the smaller Muhammad took Rukaana down multiple times in a row, the champ converted to Islam:

Being physically fit and active enhances the body’s immune system and protects it from diseases. From daily prayers to fasting during Ramadan to the actions performed during Hajj, a Muslim who is in shape is better equipped to perform the duties of Islam.

As in every activity in life, Muslims who play sports (and are sports fans) should conduct themselves respectfully and in a manner that pleases Allah. That means showboating, cheating and unnecessary roughness are discouraged. Humility and modesty should be a trait of all Muslims, and it’s no different for Muslims when competing in sports. As the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “Almighty Allah has decreed that nothing shall have a permanent glory,” which means every situation has its ups and downs, and no condition is permanent.”

Are Muslim women allowed to play sports?

Yes. Aisha, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them), competed against her husband in footraces. She said, “I competed with the Messenger of Allah (in running) and overtook him. Later, when I had put on some weight, I once again competed with him, but this time he overtook me and said: ‘We’re even now.'”

Islam does not allow co-ed participation in some sports and does not allow men to watch women compete in certain sports, in order to close doors to seduction, temptation and corruption.

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  1. I love to know abt islam very well because i see people running away from sport and any other thing that will bring us together like gathering together to eat and laugh together , thx

      • well I’m no expert in Islam I’m a 14-year-old girl who likes running but recently I came to this youtube video of sheikh Assim al hakeem that says that there’s no problem, in that providing that the conditions are fixed and that it is
        1.totally segregated no way a man can film it or look at it.
        2.the components, the woman playing should wear proper attire cloths. should not contain any form of harm no boxing because harming your opponent is haram.
        4.there should be no music (that’s what the sheik says).
        and otherwise, it is permissible inshallah.

  2. from my experience, i’ve been great in sports in the practice days. but when the main day comes, like tournament days, i play well throughout the whole game by not calling Allah lose whenever i call Allah. like i’m close to win, and i call Allah, “please give me the last support i need from You, Allah”, and then the game turns and i lose. its like making Allah mad for seeking help from Him to the work prohibited. Allah has made me successful in many works, i’m so grateful to Him. but He never helped me at sports. i’m still unsure whether sports is haram or halal.

    • i pray to Allah to make me best player on Earth. My skill increase, my knowledge increase and am above many in our locality. ones the sport do not affect your worship i think there is no problem. i said to my Boys every training that You must not Love sport than Allah. and not only sport, whatever you do that your love for that thing has surpass love of Allah is Haram, Allah your Wife, Children, Your Wealth, can be enemy for you. but nearness to Allah is a great reward.

    • Any sport which can harm you physically is porhabited, and also acording to hadith it is totally prohabited to hit some one on the face. as Allah (Sbh) says: I have given human faces from my own face, so dont cut anyone’s face even when you are in jihad. so by referring to this hadith we are not allowed.

      • Well, the purpose of boxing is actually to take your opponent down. But, for that, you have to beat your opponent. If you practice for sport, its haram. But, for self defence, it can be Halal

  3. Are women allowed to play volley ball ,basketball and badminton in public and competitions while fully observing pardah (in niqab and burqah)?

    • Women are not allowed to play sports which includes jumping, running, or any activity which can get them out of their controll phsically, as they may fall on the ground, or the possibality of there dress getting teared apart, or their hijab can get harm publically. so they can practic the mentioned sports, but not in public. or infront any men, or male coach.

  4. So I am a 14-year-old boy and I am wondering if I could join the NBA or if I could just play professional basketball in general or is it haram and I am also wondering if I could play in tournaments to compete for championships or money?

  5. Some Arab countries allow women to play football, both for adult Muslim women and teenagers. Is it right or wrong to let them play football?

  6. The Article written is written to perfection following all laws in Islamic sport listed. The main focus is intermingling, putting men and women in the same environment; that is totally forbidden. Sport is not forbidden in Islam, only certain sports are makrooh in the eyes of Allah. Don’t be hesitant to play sport with your friends of the same gender, just abide the laws and regulations of Islam when doing so. Competing for money is also not haraam. Some people depend on it as their living source of income; but as i said, don’t do anything prohibited in Islam.

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